Remote working

There are many was we can assist you to 'remote work' as below:-

  • Using your PBX soft client on your PC, MAC or Smartphone (8x8, 3CX)
  • Diverting all inbound calls from your PBX to your mobile
  • Changing your 'IVR' (push 1... push 2....) system to reflect any announcements to changes to staff contact details
  • Setting up a physical handset that is linked to your PBX to take home with you
  • Office 365 email on your PC, MAC or Smartphone
  • Access to share company files via SharePoint, Drop Box or One-drive
  • Secure VPN access (or RDS) to your company file server, NAS or your very own office PC
  • Supply and installation of a Notebook to take information with you (if not remote access is possible)
  • A USB stick or external hard-drive to copy relevant information to, so you can work on it from your home PC or Notebook
  • Setting up a Video Conference solution for you to use (Skype, ZOOM, Blue Jeans, 8x8, 3CX) and a camera or mic (if you dont already have one)
  • Supply of supporting equipment to set-up a small 'home office' such as a printer, LED screen, wireless key-board and mouse as required

Call us now on 0800 003 260 to speak to an engineer (or JC on ext 101) to discuss your unique requirments.

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